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Our coaches

Lawrence Muruako

“Coach Rock” Owner/Coach
HomeTown: Holly Springs, MS
Experience: 18 years Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, American Council on Exercise, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, USA Weightlifting, Health Coaching Institute Health and Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach, Executive Director of Operation Fit Nation “We all have a rebellion inside of us ready to be unleashed. Our goal at Rebel Body Fitness is to help our clients unleash that rebellion and to help them along the way. Every REBEL in our family follows the Envision, Embrace, Transform motto, and with it is able to confidently move toward their goals.”

Ally Haire

Hometown: Southaven, MS
Experience in years: 2 years General experience and certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal training, Pursuing Bachelors of Exercise Science (Class of 2023), “Will power and positivity is necessary for change. With those two, you are set up for success in meeting your goals. I hope to educate and motivate my clients in order for them to have the essentials and knowledge for reaching their fitness goals.”

Katie Kowalke

Hometown: Hartford, WI
Experience: 7 years Bachelors Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling , NFPT certification “I have been active my whole life with sports and I find value in helping clients with their physical health. I love helping clients see and reach their goals!”

Madison Lile

Hometown: Benton, Arkansas
Experience: 6 Months ACE CPT, 3 Year Cheerleading Coach
“I am passionate about fitness and coaching because it helped me to reduce my anxiety and stress while allowing me to better myself and I want to show others fitness can help improve all aspects of life.”

Keith Robinson

Hometown: Brookhaven, MS
Experience: Bachelors degree in exercise science from The University of Louisiana Monroe. Masters degree in Sport Recreation Administration from the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss Track and Field Sprinter. Internship completed at Rebel Body Fitness.
“I am passionate about being a personal trainer because I enjoy motivating and inspiring others to lead healthier lifestyles. I find fulfillment in witnessing their progress and seeing them achieve their fitness goals.”

Abbie Kilpatrick

Hometown: Southaven, MS
Experience: 3 1/2 years NASM CPT and Nutritionist
“I enjoy forming wellness habits with my clients and teaching them the importance of nutrition and exercise in their fitness goals. I want to help them feel and look their best while implementing daily habit changes. I love the relationships I build with my job and am appreciative for each one of my clients!”

Hagen Davis

Hometown: Philadelphia, MS
Experience: 1st year ACE CPT, majoring in Exercise Science
“I am passionate about fitness because it has had a huge impact on my life. I want to help others experience the same benefits I did from exercise. My goal as a personal trainer is to help clients become the best version of themselves.”

Robert Richardson

Hometown: New Albany, MS
Experience: 6 months ACE CPT
“I enjoy working out because I love learning and overcoming my limits mental or physical, and I love teaching others how to do the same. At the end of the day, I want to show people that they have the strength to make a positive change in their life .”

Keith Evans

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Position General Manager
Graduate of Mississippi College. His journey began in the restaurant industry in 1999, but his passion for fitness blossomed during college. He is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and wellness advocate.

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